If you’re studying for the IELTS exam, you might feel overwhelmed with information. This course, How to Study for the IELTS Writing Exam, shows you what you need to know to to succeed at IELTS writing and how to practice it efficiently. Ready to get started? Sign up now or scroll down to find out more about the course.

What is the course like?

This free course is made up of text, videos and activities that are designed to help you look critically at your own IELTS writing, learn what steps you need to make to improve it and make those changes. You’ll cover the following: 

Unit one:

Better essay structure? Check! Learn how to improve your own IELTS writing structure with our easy-to-follow checklist. 

Unit two:

Give your grammar a fix-up. Find out three flexible grammar structures you should be using to improve your range. 

Unit three:

Paint a clearer picture with your language. Learn how to improve your language use for better cohesion and a higher vocabulary score.

What are our students saying about this course?

For last couple of months I have seen so many online classes by many mentors. I was looking for exactly this kind of lessons that you gave, simple but effective.

Shanta: self-study course graduate

I appreciate your efforts to teach IELTS writing, I have been struggling with this part for a quite long time now I am really glad I came across your website and went through the checklist which is quite helpful that I can do better with your course.

Roshni: self-study course graduate

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