If you’re interested in improving your IELTS writing, this free book of model essays is for you. Working with model answers is one of the best ways of learning what works and what doesn’t work in the IELTS writing exam. Get your copy now!

How to use this book

We put this book together to help students like you study for the IELTS exam. It’s a collection of model answers for the IELTS. There are three ways you can use this book

Use it as a list of questions

First, You can use the questions in the book as questions for writing your own essays. You probably already know that you should be writing regularly, so having access to a bank of essay questions like this can be a huge help.

Read it for grammar and vocabulary

Second, you can dive into this book and explore the grammar and vocabulary here. I’ve tried to show off some high-level vocabulary and also a wide range of grammar structures that you can adapt for your own essays.

Compare it with your own essays

Finally, if you’ve written an essay on one of the topics in this book, you can compare and contrast your essays against the essays in this book, you can look for ideas for what to improve. This is great for looking at structure approaches to the essay question but also at vocabulary and grammar you could have used. 

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