IELTS Writing Correction


Getting feedback on your writing is an important part of practising for the IELTS test. We put together our IELTS writing feedback service so that you can get a clear idea of where your IELTS level is and what you need to do to improve.

How does it work?

We have now changed how we offer feedback to students. Students who are looking for IELTS writing feedback now book one-on-one classes with me and send me their essays 24 hours before the class starts. Before class, I’ll make notes on your essay and then in class, I’ll show you step by step how to improve your writing.

To help you decide if you want to use this service, you can book a free consultation. I’ll have a look at one or two of your essays and talk you through our feedback process. You’ll also have the chance to ask me any questions you have about Practical IELTS or the exam more generally? 

Book an Appointment

Click here to get started. You can pay for your IELTS feedback with most currencies.  

Submit Your Work

We’ll send you a list of essay questions. Pick one, write an essay and return it to us. You can also use an essay title of your choice.

Get your Feedback

In your appointment, we’ll go through your essay’s grade and areas to improve. You’ll gain an understanding of how to improve your writing. 

What are students saying about our feedback?

I received the essay correction service from Tim earlier this year when I was preparing for my IELTS test. Tim’s response was quick, detailed and professional. I particularly liked his suggestions on my essay structure, and I was able to make progress in a matter of weeks. Thanks to Tim, I eventually got a 7.5 for writing in IELTS.

-Xintian: IELTS student

Why do I need IELTS feedback?

Practice is the most important element of improving your IELTS score. However, practice on its own can lead you into trouble if you don’t recognise which mistakes you are making. When this happens, students can become used to making these mistakes and they can become ingrained in how they use language.

Getting feedback regularly can help prevent this type of error and can make sure your practice is as efficient as possible. IELTS feedback is also useful because it lets you know if you are ready to take the IELTS test. Some students end up wasting money taking multiple IELTS tests because they don’t realise that their score isn’t at the level they need. Getting feedback from us is much cheaper and also gives a clearer idea of why you got the score you did.

What do we look at?

We want your feedback to be valuable for you and for that reason we go into lots of depth. We don’t only give a grade or a few bits of feedback. When we look at your essay, we can give you the following:

  • A grade broken down into all four grading criteria.
  • An analysis of the weak and strong points of the essay. 
  • Specific suggestions for grammar and vocabulary. 
  • Suggestions for what you should be doing to improve.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to sign up, just click the button below, pick an appointment time and fill in your details for a free consultation.

We charge £15 for an essay review appointment. I will usually be able to go through two or three essays with you in this time. This is much cheaper than other high-quality feedback services. It is also far cheaper than the real IELTS test and you’ll get plenty of feedback (unlike the real test where you’ll get none).