A Famous Garden in your City: IELTS Cue Card

Visiting a garden is a popular activity in many countries. A garden is a little different to a park as it is usually a bit smaller, is more focused on seeing plants and is often attached to a house. A park is more likely to have other facilities like playgrounds and football fields. This IELTS cue card will show you how you could answer if you were asked about a garden in the IELTS speaking exam. Keep scrolling for a look a list of useful vocabulary from the answer.

A Skill that Was Difficult to Learn: IELTS Cue Card

If you are feeling nervous about the IELTS speaking exam, using cue cards can be a helpful way to prepare. Although you cannot bring cue cards into the actual exam, they can be a useful tool for getting familiar all of the topics that might come up, learning new vocabulary, and practicing speaking by reading them aloud. This cue card looks at learning a skill that was difficult for you to learn. Keep scrolling for a list of vocabulary you can learn from this answer.

A cafe you like to visit: IELTS cue card

Going to a cafe is one of the most popular activities worldwide. You probably have an idea what your favorite cafe is, but would you be able to describe it while showing off your IELTS skills? On this page, you can check out my IELTS speaking answer to a question about my favourite cafe. Keep scrolling to see some answers to task three questions and a full list of the interesting vocabulary from these answers.

IELTS favourite movie cue card

Everyone thinks they know how to describe a movie, but could you do it while showing off your English vocabulary? If you’re preparing for the IELTS exam, you might have to. That’s why I put together this IELTS cue card where I describe my favourite movie. Keep scrolling for a list of all the interesting vocabulary in the answer.