IELTS Essay review: Tradition vs New Ideas

In this series, I look at IELTS essays from real students. This week, I am reviewing an essay by Harpreet, a student from out mailing list. The essay is about comparing tradition to new ideas. The process I follow is a short version of the one I follow with my one-on-one students. I’ll give a grade, but more importantly, I’Il give my reasons for the grade and ways to improve on what she’s written. As you’ll see, a few small changes can have a big impact in IELTS writing. By getting help with your writing, it’s possible to identify problems and make changes quickly.

IELTS Essay Review: SO Close to Band Seven

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email to our mailing list asking for real IELTS essays from real IELTS students. Today, I’m looking at an essay submitted by Nelson. This essay makes is interesting reading because while I gave it a band six overall, it would not take long for this student to advance to a band seven.