Essay of the Week: Should school children have homework?

Our band nine sample essays give you the opportunity to learn from successful essays that show off the best structure, vocabulary and grammar. This essay is an opinion type question about a controversial issue: should children have homework?.

Some people believe that school children should not be given homework. What is your opinion?

There is considerable disagreement in society over whether homework is the best use of students’ after-school time. In this essay, I will argue that it is better that students have no homework. First, because it makes students stressed and second because there are more worthwhile uses of students’ extracurricular time. 

First, many students are overburdened by homework resulting in stress. While they may wish to relax after a full day of school, they are forced to continue to work into the evening. As we know, it is important to take a break, so depriving them of this free time can have a negative impact on their mental health. If students fail to complete their work, they may be punished by their teacher, which creates even more stress. In the modern age, schools are a very competitive and high-pressure place and adding to this stress by taking away students’ free time and making them afraid of punishment is not good for their anxiety level. 

Furthermore, students’ time can be better used with other extracurricular activities. For example, students might use their afterschool time to learn an instrument, take up a hobby or practice a sport. These types of activities make students happier, and more well-rounded people as well as teaching an important lesson: that you should follow your interests. In addition, because these types of activities are highly valued by universities and employers, they are also better for students’ long-term life prospects. 

To conclude, taking homework away from students makes them less stressed and frees up time for more useful activities. As a result, I believe that it would be better for students to be free from homework.

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