Band Nine Sample Essay: Vacation at home or abroad?

Our band nine sample essays give you the opportunity to learn from successful essays that show off the best structure, vocabulary and grammar. This IELTS essay is about weddings and if they should be big or small. This question is about if it is better to stay in your own country or travel abroad for…

band nine sample essay

Some people believe it is better to vacation in another country while others believe it is best to stay in one’s home country. Compare both sides and give your point of view.

As the tourism sector has grown in importance in the modern world, whether people should travel abroad on
holiday has also gained in importance. In this essay I will, first, look at the cultural understanding that can be gained
from travelling abroad, and then second, explore the environmental harm this can cause. I will conclude that it is
better to avoid foreign travel.

First, travelling to other countries can be a culturally enriching experience. When travelling abroad, they can
discover new styles of music, art and food. If people have this type of experience, it can teach them to learn more about the
world and appreciate their own and other cultures, something that can enrich their lives long term. For example,
if someone travels to Japan, they might gain a deeper understanding of areas of Japanese culture, such as sumo,
sushi and communal eating.

However, although there are many advantages to international travel, there is also a significant environmental
cost. When people travel abroad, their flights cause carbon dioxide to be ejected in the high atmosphere, contributing to
global warming. Furthermore, the infrastructure for these tourists, such as building new hotels, roads and restaurants,
can have a detrimental impact on the local environment. Ironically, such developments can often lead to the destruction of the local environment that initially lead people to want to visit.

To conclude, while I appreciate the cultural benefits of international travel, I believe that the environmental costs are too high. As a result, in my view it is better to take a staycation than travel abroad.

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