Essay of the Week: Big or small weddings

Our band nine sample essays give you the opportunity to learn from successful essays that show off the best structure, vocabulary and grammar. This IELTS essay is about weddings and if they should be big or small. This question is a good example of a 'both sides and your point of view' essay.

Some people believe it is good to celebrate a wedding by spending lots of money on a large party while others prefer a small event with family and friends. Compare both sides and give your point of view. 

For some people, throwing a lavish wedding reception is a worthwhile use of their wedding budget while others prefer a more personal ceremony. In this essay, I will compare both points of view. First, by looking at how large weddings can reunite people, and second, by exploring how saving money is important for newlyweds.

First, having a large wedding can serve as a reason for people to be reunited. Because they tend to have work and family commitments, people drift apart over time. However, when there is a large wedding, it provides a reason for those people to be reunited. For example, if a family is split over different parts of the country, it is easy for those parts to lose touch, but a big wedding gives them the chance to see each other and catch up with one another. 

Conversely, these large weddings can be an expense that can negatively impact newlyweds at an important time in their lives. When people get married, they are often also looking for a home to live in together and may also be thinking about having children, two significant expenses. As a result, spending money on a wedding can detract from their other financial goals. Because these goals are more long term, they should be prioritised.  

In conclusion, throwing an opulent wedding helps bring old friends together but is also pricey for the newlyweds at a costly time in their lives. In my view, it would be better for couples to prioritize their own needs over their acquaintances’ and hold a more pared-down event.

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