Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots: Band nine IELTS Essay

Robots are a big topic these days. From self-driving cars to operations, more and more tasks seem to be being taken over by robots. This band nine sample essay looks at this topic. Keep scrolling for information about why this essay is band nine including structure, grammar and a vocabulary list.

Some people think that robots are very important to future human development. Others think that they are dangerous and have negative effects on society. Discuss both sides and give your point of view.

Increasing automation has become a controversial topic in recent years. In this essay, I will compare the advantage that robots can perform tasks that are dangerous or difficult with the disadvantage that robots could take over jobs. I will conclude that, despite the drawbacks, this type of development is positive. 

One of the main advantages of robots is that they are able to perform tasks that would be dangerous or difficult for a person. For example, robots are already used for bomb disposal, which keeps people out of harm’s way.  Similarly, robots are capable of performing delicate and precise tasks in manufacturing and medical tasks settings with a high degree of accuracy. If we allow people to continue to do these jobs, it will lead to lives being lost and inferior products being made. 

However, one of the main issues with this is that robots taking over other jobs that are currently done by humans. In the past, we have seen auto manufacturing turn from a source of jobs to something that is mostly automated. If we see this happen in other industries, it could lead to widespread unemployment and economic insecurity. Although this would be good for factory owners, this type of unemployment has wider negative societal impacts

In conclusion, while robots have the potential to greatly improve our lives by performing risky and difficult tasks, they also have the potential to take people’s jobs. Ultimately, I believe that this type of technological progress can lead to the creation of new jobs. 


This is an example of a ‘both sides and an opinion’ type essay. For this type of essay, you need to present both sides of the argument before giving your point of view. I prefer to dedicate one body paragraph to each side before writing my opinion briefly in the conclusion. You can see that structure here. Each of the body paragraphs is also about one specific thing and goes into plenty of detail.


Beyond there being no grammar mistakes in this essay, you can see that there are a wide range of grammar types here. One that I have used several times is an if sentence. Check out our new guide to this highly flexible grammar type.


Below, you can find a list of the complex and interesting grammar in the essay. All of the words below are underlined in the essay and appear in the same order as they do above.


The process of replacing human jobs with machines.


The process of making new things or improving things that already exist. 

Bomb disposal

The practice of safely and carefully handling, disarming and removing bombs or other explosive devices.

Out of harm’s way

Another way of saying ‘away from risk’.


Lower in quality compared to other things.


The amount of unemployment is the number of people without a job. 

Economic insecurity

This refers to the extent to which people worry about being able to pay for things. 

Societal impacts

How something affects society as a whole.

Technological progress

The advancement of things like tools and machines.


Making something operate automatically.


If something is risky it involves a chance of failure or harm.

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