Essay of the Week: Studying online or in person?

Our band nine sample essays give you the opportunity to learn from successful essays that show off the best structure, vocabulary and grammar. This is an advantages and disadvantages type essay which is all about online study.

Essay of the Week: Should you study online or in person?

In the last year, many people have had to study online rather than in person. What are some advantages and disadvantages of online study? 

One of the big changes people have had to make last year is from real-world to virtual classrooms. In this essay, I will, first,  explore the practical benefits of learning online. Second, I will look at the disadvantage that collaborative learning is harder online. 

Learning on the internet can be more practical than in person. For people who live in the suburbs, attending in-person classes often means a long commute. In addition, if you want to study a niche course, doing so online means you have access to a school that is specialised in what you want to do. Finally, because it is far easier to record online lessons than in-person lessons, students can often download these and learn at a time that is better suited to them. 

Conversely, one major disadvantage to studying online is that it is harder for students to work together. Although teachers can try putting students in breakout rooms, the relationships you form with your classmates in person are hard to replicate. As a result, working together online may feel more like working with strangers than classmates. In addition, this type of learning is less enjoyable for students, for example, it’s much more fun to discuss a project over lunch than over Zoom. 

In conclusion, there are both strengths and weaknesses to online learning. Online study may be more practical in some ways; however, it is also less interactive and involves less collaborative study. 

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