IELTS Essay of the Week: Problems and solutions with car reliance

Our band nine sample essays give you the opportunity to learn from successful essays that show off the best structure, vocabulary and grammar. This problem and solution essay asks about a reliance on cars in cities.

A reliance on cars to get around causes issues in many cities. What are some of these problems and what are some solutions?

In modern cities, car dependency causes a range of problems. In this essay, I will look at the issues caused by air pollution and congestion. Then, I will look at some potential solutions.

One major problem with car culture is air pollution. When people drive, it releases harmful chemicals, such as carbon dioxide, into the air. If there is an increase in air pollution, this can cause issues such as respiratory problems. Furthermore, a reliance on driving increases traffic congestion, a situation where there are too many cars on the road and traffic slows to a crawl. This causes significant amounts of wasted time, which is a detriment to people’s lives.

To solve this problem, it is important to encourage people to use alternative means of transportation, such as cycling or using public transport. For example, cities can build cycle lanes to make cycling quicker and safer. If they do this, people will be more likely to take their bike rather than their car, something which can lead to a decrease in congestion and air pollution. In addition, it is possible to subsidise public transportation, something that can encourage more bus and train use and lead to fewer cars on the road.

In conclusion, car culture causes serious problems such as pollution and congestion. However, there are also potential solutions to this such as building bike lanes and funding public transport.

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